Stand Up for Mental Healthâ„¢

6-week Comedy Troupe Training program for people living with mental health challenges in the Bay of Quinte region.

Consider joining us on this hilarious journey to self-discovery. Learn to become an amateur Stand-Up Comedian and share your story! Join 5 other people in this six-week training program, and further your healing through the lens of humour. 

Comedy Troupe Training Program

Each week, for 6 weeks, participants work with Counsellor, Stand Up Comic, and Founder of Stand Up for Mental Health™, David Granirer for two hours via video. David has run SMH in over 50 cities in Canada, the US, and Australia, trained over 700 comics, and done over 500 shows.

His guarantee is that: If you put in the work, I will do WHATEVER it takes for you to succeed!” 

David will help you create a comedy sketch to share your story on local stages in the Quinte and surrounding area, at the culmination of the 6-week training program.

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