Sarah Angela

I am ready and able to support you with the psychotherapeutic tools you need to manage and thrive in all of life's challenges, changes & opportunities.

I am a Registered Psychotherapist, bringing my lived experience of various countries, cultures, paths and peoples into the work I now do with a diversity of clients as a Spiritual Psychotherapist.  Graduating from Transformational Arts College of Spiritual & Holistic Training, I have a particular interest in working with Body Centred Psychotherapy and Somatic Experiencing, facilitating for clients a deeper connection with their embodied journey and the wisdom within.  I come to this work with a background in Vision Rehabilitation Therapy, Acquired Brain Injury Lifeskills Facilitation & Eldercare.

The photo here was taken in 2021 in the Corby Rose Garden, Belleville, ON and the banner photo above is of my many aprons in the The Vintage Rose, a wonderful vintage shop I owned in BC a number of years ago.  

The 'Who Am I?' Questions

The curiosity about our core, wondering about how we express our best Self, I find myself journeying with clients towards deeper self-understanding and self-acceptance.

I work with clients navigating: 

  • chonic illness or medical diagnosis 
  • job loss or uncertainty, retirement, new career
  • fertility & infertility, perimenopause 
  • self-identiy, gender identity
  • body shame & embodied living

I spent my early childhood living on the British Columbia West Coast and then in Africa, India, Singapore and Indonesia.

My story includes some absolutely amazing experiences, and some childhood trauma as well. Over the years and with the help of various people in my life, I have come to a place of self-love, joy and freedom.

It's an honour to share this sense of grounded ‘ok-ness’ with others, as a teacher, facilitator and therapist, helping others to find their own ‘ok-ness’ and beyond it to live into their own joy. I see my role as providing hospitality to the body, mind and soul of each client who comes works with me.

This photo is of me & my brother. We were living in Liberia at the time. 

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