Sacred Events, Sacred Spaces, Celebration

Honouring those moments in life that need to be honoured.

There are so many ways to honour, celebrate & ritualize important events in our lives.  I would love to help you craft a ceremony that incorporates the traditions you want to keep, the symbols that are meaningful to you, and the connections you want to build. I am a Licenced Marriage Officiant in Ontario, offering to officiate weddings, naming ceremonies, rites of passage, celebrations of life, funerals and pretty much any other celebration you have in mind. I am in the Belleville area and will consider travel. 

Bay of Quinte Wedding Officiant - 2024 Rates

  • $385.00 to simply be the legal representative and submit the paperwork; ·        
  • $465.00 to be the legal representative, the Officiant and to provide approximately two hours of collaborative planning; ·        
  • $550.00 to be the legal representative, the Officiant, to provide two hours of collaborative planning, to craft and develop a unique, tailor-made service/ritual/celebration specifically for you, supplying symbolic details and items that resonate for both of you.  

Within a 45-minute drive of Belleville, I do not charge for gas or time; I am happy to have an Introductory phone call, and if you are to engage me as your Officiant, I would love to meet for a one-hour discussion in Belleville over a coffee/tea, and if you have access to the celebration location where you’ll be hosting your ceremony, then I’d like to meet there as well, during our second one-hour meeting, prior to your event.    

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